Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - Sanskrit Text with English Translation

Vijnana Bhirava, one of the basic Agamas, is a chapter from Rudrayamala Tantra that contains teachings on Advaita (to be differentiated from Adviata Vedanta). Vijnana Bhairava means "the mystic knowledge of the Ultimate Reality". This text is in the form of a dialogue between the God Siva and Parvati, his divine consort.

Vijnana Bhirava expounds 112 techniques of meditation (Dharanas) or of Union with the Divine. We find in this book an incredible variety of spiritual practices and ways of discovering pure consciousness in all kinds of conditions and circumstances.

Siva says, "If one is established in any of these 112 ways of meditation, one becomes the Bhairava (Divine) himself".


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