Sri Narayana Guru - Complete Works - Malayalam

This book is a compilation of the complete works of Sri Narayana Guru(1854 - 1928), a great Indian seer of 20th century who visualized the ultimate reality in himself. The Guru was born in Chempazhanthi, Kerala in 1854. A great philosopher-poet of modern India, the Guru, and erudite scholar of Sanskrit, Malayalam and Tamil, belonged to the great Indian philosophical tradition of Advaita. As the force being the social reform movement, the Guru paved the way for a progressive Kerala society. Gurudevan, as he was fondly known to his followers, led a quiet but significant social revolution. The Guru was instrumental in setting the spiritual foundations for social reform in today's Kerala and was one of the most successful social reformers who tackled caste in India.

This book contains 57 works of the Guru in Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tamil. They are categorised into 5 sections:

1. Hymns of Gods and Goddesses
2. Moral & ethical teachings
3. Philosophical Works
4. Translations of Classics
5. Prose works

This volume brings together all the original writings of Narayana Guru in a digitised form for the first time. This work is in the free domain now.


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