Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha - Hindi (28 Volumes)

स्वामी रामतीर्थ ग्रन्थावली २८ भागों में
Described as “one of the greatest souls, not only of India, but of the whole world” by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906) was a living embodiment of the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. Swami Rama Tirtha visited the United States from 1902-1904 and was one of the first great Swamis to bring the message of Vedanta to the U.S., Japan and Egypt, following in the footsteps of Vivekananda.

Swami Rama Tirtha Granthavali is a complete collection of his writings and lectures in Hindi. In this 28 volumes work, Swami Rama Tirtha presents a practical and inspiring view of Vedanta and also discusses various topics such as God-realization, Vedanta, Christianity and Islam, war and peace, and India's destiny.

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Volume 1                  Volume 9            Volume 16             Volume 24
Volume 2                  Volume 10          Volume 17 -18       Volume 25
Volume 3                  Volume 11          Volume 19             Volume 26
Volume 4                  Volume 12          Volume 20             Volume 27
Volume 5                  Volume 13          Volume 21             Volume 28
Volume 6                  Volume 14          Volume 22   
Volume 7-9               Volume 15          Volume 23    

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