Swami Ramathirtha - Hindi Biography by Narayan Swami

This book is a comprehensive biography of Swami Rama Tirtha (1873 - 1906) in Hindi by Srimannarayana Swami who was a direct disciple of the saint. Narayana Swami had the good fortune of being closely associated with the saint for many years.

Swami Rama Tirtha was one of the greatest exponents of Advaita Vedanta. He was among the first notable teachers of Hinduism to lecture in the United States, traveling there in 1902. During his American tours Swami Rama Tirtha spoke frequently on the concept of 'practical Vedanta' and on education of Indian youth. He proposed bringing young Indians to American universities, and helped establish several scholarships for Indian students.

His discourses and other works are compiled in "In Woods of God Realization" in 7 volumes.


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