Sacred Books of the East - Complete Set - (50 volumes)

The Sacred Books of the East (SBE) Series, comprising fifty volumes, was issued by the Oxford University Press between 1879 and 1910. The series was edited by the famous linguist and scholar of comparative religion, Max Muller.

These volumes of the Sacred Books of the East series include translations of all the most important works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound influence on the civilisations of the continent of Asia. The Vedic Brahmanic system (Hinduism) claims 21 volumes, Buddhism 10, and Jainism 2;8 volumes comprise Sacred Books of the Parsis (Zorastrians); 2 volumes represent Islam; and 6 the two main indigenous systems of China. Translated by twenty leading authorities in their respective fields, the Series has been edited by the late F. Max Muller.


Vol. 49: Buddhist Mahayana Texts (2 Parts); Vol. 11: Buddhist Sutras; Vol. 10: The Dhammapada and Sutta Nipata; Vol. 35 & 36: The Questions of King Milinda (2 Parts); Vol. 21: The Saddharma Pundarika or the Lotus of the True Law; Vol. 13,17 & 20: Vinaya Texts (3 Parts).


Vol. 19: The Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King; Vols. 3, 16, 27, 28, 39 & 40: The Sacred Books of China (6 Parts)


Vol. 50: A General Index to the Names and Subject-matter of the Sacred Books of the East


Vol. 6 & 9: The Qur'an (2 Parts)


Vol. 22 & 45: The Jaina Sutras (2 Parts)


Vol. 5,18, 24, 37 & 47: Pahlavi Texts (5 Parts); Vol. 4,23 & 31: The Zend-Avesta (3 Parts)


Vol. 8: The Bhagavadgita with the Sanatsujatiya and the Anugita; Vols. 29 & 30: The Grihya-Sutra: Rules of Vedic Domestic Ceremonies (2 Parts) Vol. 42: Hymns of the Atharva Veda together with Extracts from the Ritual Books and the Commentaries; Vol. 7: The Institutes of Vishnu; Vol. 25: The Laws of Manu; The Minor Law Books; Vols. 2 & 14: The Sacred Laws of the Aryas as Taught in the Schools of Apastamba, Gautama, Vasishtha and Baudhayana (2 Parts); Vols. 12, 26, 41, 43 & 44: The Satapatha Brahmana According to the text of the Madhyandina School (5 Parts); Vols. 1 & 15: The Upanishads (2 Parts); Vols. 34 & 38: The Vedanta Sutras (2 Parts); Vol. 48: The Vedanta-Sutras (With the commentary by Ramanuja) Vols. 32 & 46: Vedic Hymns (2 Parts).

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