Select Works Of Sri Sankaracharya with English Translation

This book presents, in simple English, some of the works of Sri Sankaracharya in which he tries to expound, in a popular style, the philosophy of the Advaita Vedanta.

The juxtaposition of the Sanskrit text and the English translation will serve the object of enabling the student of Sanskrit to understand the text better. The translation is fresh and powerful in expression, but also lyrical and soulful, delivering a masterful work which does full justice to the original.

This book comprises of the following works in addition to a few minor hymns.

1. Haristutih
2. Dasasloki
3. Dakshinamurti Stotram
4. Aparokshanubhuti
5. Satasloki
6. Atmabodhah
7. Vakyavrittih
8. Swatmanirupanam


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