The Scientific Dating of the Mahabharata War

Quite a number of efforts have been made by various  scholars to find the date of the Mahabharata War.  Various methods have been used, using historical  references in the Puranas, language conditions,  archaeological findings etc. A few have used  astronomical methods to determine the time of the  Mahabharata. It is possible to determine the date of an  astronomical reference by considering the movements  of the planets including the Sun and the Moon in the  various constellations of the sky, the movement of the  Earth with its axis inclined to the ecliptic and the  precession and nutation of this axis as well as the  seasonal changes referred to in the text.

Dr. P. V. Vartak from Pune  carefully studied the  astronomical references in the Mahabharata and corroborated the same with historical and archeological evidences. All in all, it is possible to state that the dates as derived  by Dr. P.V. Vartak are more accurate than the various  other dates propounded by other scholars who have been carried away by the statements made  by Western scholars. They have been prejudiced  against the richness of the Indian Civilization in the  past and have always tried to attribute much later dates  and consequently lo denigrate the glorious past of  India.

Dr. Vartak has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October 5562 B.C.  This  proposed date  has been  examined by a few scholars and has been verified. This may prove to be a break-through in deciding the chronology of the events in the history of India (and probably the World). Dr. Vartak has also derived the dates of Ramayana and the Vedas which has also been published as a book.

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