A Vedic Concordance - An alphabetic index of the Vedas - Maurice Bloomfield

A Vedic Concordance by the famous American Sanskritist Maurice Bloomfield was published during the years 1892-1906.

It is an alphabetic index to every line of every stanza of the published Vedic Literature and to the Liturgical formulas thereof, that is an index to the Vedic Mantras, together with an account of their variations in the different Vedic Books.

It affords primarily an easy and ready means of ascertaining the following things:

1. Where a given mantra occurs if it occurs but once
2. Whether it occurs elsewhere either with or without variants and in what places
3. If it occurs with variants, what those variants are.

One hundred and nineteen texts in all have been drawn upon for contributions to the concordance comprising .The concordance also includes a very considerable amount of material not yet published. This books is equally useful to a Vedic scholar and a beginner studying the Vedas.


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